Cécile Coiffard


Candidate were an underground electro-pop-rock duo founded in 1983 in Nancy/France. 
They were active until 1991. Candidate played more than 100 live shows throughout France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. They appeared live on TV and Radio and performed on several video clips.

  • 1984: Tape “Candidate” (Permis de Construire) 5-track tape
  • 1985: Single “On the Ice” (Dum Dum Records) / Soundtrack “le Horla” , radio play by Nathalie Fritz, on Belgian radio RTB.
  • 1986: LP “Compilation” Various Artists from Nancy (Dum Dum Records)
  • 1987: LP “Side by Side” (Dum Dum Records)
    Soundtrack “Copy-Film”, film by Pascal Remy (Canal +), 
Film Festivals Clermont-Ferrand and Berlinale (Germany)
  • 1989: Soundtrack “Run around the world” for a Video from Hanzel & Gretzel 
(Festival Universitaire du Film Underground – F.U.F.U.)
  • 1990: Soundtrack “Le Retour Du Grand Tour” film by Dylan Pelot (Canal+)
  • 1991: Soundtrack “Scalp” for OZ Theaterland Company 
(Theatre festival d’Avignon/France)

“Essentially electronic, a very clean production, appealing melodies, the music of Candidate is at once Pop and Rock, frantic and dancable.”
Les Inrockuptibles

“A fresh and skipping duet sometimes tainted with a melancolic shade and temperated with the warm voice of an outstanding singer. A miracle recipe.”

“A raw mixture of machine and guitar-driven techno pop powered by Bidou combined with the sweet melodic voice of Cécile”
Rock & Folk

“A charming french album coming from Nancy: Calm melodies reinforced by a beautiful female voice, maybe promising a great future! (Candidate: ‘Side by Side’, Dum Dum Records). Sometimes, it does you good, the freshness…”
7 a Paris

“Wow! ‘Side by Side’ looks like a fruit which has greatly matured under the sun: You bite in it and suddenly all its history, its experiences flood you”
Le Lézard, Montréal

“My special favourite of this time is with no doubt, the band Candidate from Nancy. Genuine little treasure born some years ago already.
Candidate is: Cécile at the keyboards, harmonica and vocals. Bidou at the guitar, machine programing and vocals.
Since 1983, the band played a lot of gigs in Nancy Clubs in Eastern France. Altogether, they didn’t make less than 14 television appearances (videoclips, TV-shows, live and playback shows) in the regional and national television. And even created the soundtrack of a radio drama for Belgium national radio (R.T.B.)
So to speak, Candidate didn’t twiddle their thumbs!”
Krime Sonic

“Candidate, a young electronic couple managing to disturb your feelings with the fresh aspects of the singer’s voice. A mix of Polyrock Suicide with a slice of aggressiveness.”
Go Mag