Complot Bronswick

Complot Bronswick


Nikolaï Ada aka François Possémé

Eric Trochu aka Ert Yves-André Lefeuvre

Boris Guffer aka Paolo c Uccello

Pierre Fablet et puis Arnauld Le Brusq

Hervé Pouliquen Aka Tristan Marke

Véronique Maison

Patrick Chevalier

Jacques Duval

Æ aka Thierry Leray

Pierre Corneau

Vincent Sizorn

Maitre Nono

Manzanza Tsakala

Fabrice Dugast

Paul Guellec

Pascale Le Berre

Benoit Debelloir

Philippe Tuffigo

Xarrax Becker

Arriving in 1981 on the Rennes scene, Complot Bronswick have never been short of good ideas, alternating music, video and performance. Haunted by the shores of dreams and Russian imagery of the twenties, the group has created captivating atmospheres. Complot Bronswick have changed with a deliberate desire to shatter an image. Even the notion of them being an elitist band is a misinterpretation for such an open group. In fact the role of Complot Bronswick was not to create a rigid world but to open up and accept the confrontation of différent worlds, generating new emotions. The human structure of the group fluctuates and there can be anything from two to ten people on stage at any one time. The only real constant is the poetry and the emotion which is given out at each concert, a certain idea of freedom.