Mark Ingram

Vanessa Tosti

From out of the haze Darkbeat founders, VEE and DEZ of CROSSOVER surrender their 4th full-length album duly titled ‘GLOOM’. This is a story about a runaway boy and girl which takes place on the moon in the woods at night. A tale of heartbreak and loss. A collection of Deathromantik songs woven with synthesizers, tears, drum machines and blood.

With a heavy Cosmic music influence, they have been called Grave Wave and Proto-Witch House. Evolved electronic music with subtle hints of Dark Ambient and Neo-Folk come to mind. At times minimal, sometimes cold. Being vocally driven they have dreary and precious moments aside sarcasm and the deadly serious. Proving there is actually “a glimmer to the gloom”.

Originally hailing from New York City, VEE & DEZ moved to Berlin and are presently in Los Angeles. Some fruits of their labor include extensive European tours, performing with NY’s legendary Suicide and an ongoing collaborative affair with Mater Suspiria Vision. Winning features in NME, I-D, The Face, Nylon, D-Side, and Elegy to name a few. Gaining the “stamp of approval” from John Peel (R.I.P.), featured on BBC’s Ross Allen Show, to the “choice pick” in the Saturday London Times.