Der Ventilator

Der Ventilator


Adex Izquierdo

Tomeu Mulet

Michael Skattum

From Vice Magazine:

With the grave new wave of gloomy eighties revivalism, a lot of bands are coming up claiming they’ve always been goth. Well guess what; Der Ventilator actually live and rehearse in an ancient, murky church. Frontman Adex Izquierdo’s basement used to be the place of worship for an esoteric cult. Just try and find a Witch House act with those kinds of credentials.

This Barcelona-based group formed in late 2007, a collaboration between Izquierdo and drummer Berta Pfirsich. They cut pretty lonely figures in Barcelona. While everyone else traipses along in El Guincho’s tropical indie wake, Der Ventilator is blasting out a white noise more reminiscent of bands like HEALTH. Couple that with a penchant for early 90s grunge pop and you can see why they’re getting more love from international labels like Sibling Sex and Desire than at home. As Noisey strolls with them through a park at dusk before heading on to a show at Sala Monasterio, you get the sense that this suits Der Ventilator just fine.