Rachel Mary Callaghan
Gemma Fleet
Scott R. Walker
Rory Brattwell

KASMs were Rachel Mary Callaghan, Gemma Fleet, Scott R. Walker and Rory Brattwell.
They formed in late October, 2007 and after 2 months together as a band KASMs flew to New York to play some shows, self released a 6 track EP that sold out in 2 days! They were then been signed up by exciting new London based independent label Trouble Records (Crystal Castles, An Experiment On A Bird In the Air Pump, Koko Von Napoo) and their first album has been licensed by desire.

KASMs have been in a variety of bands: Sin o the East, Wolfie, Aum Sahib. Even Rory was in the short-lived NME favourites Test Icicles, although Rory vehemently denies his involvement in such rubbish and thinks that if he keeps changing his name people won’t make the connection.

I guess you could say KASMs sound is Punk/Gothic but even though some of KASMs’ music is quite dark it’s also very energetic and this translates to their intenses live shows,
Their influences are pretty varied, starting with dark, pulsating, rhythmic bands such as 80’s San Francisco Rough Trade band Trial, Crash Worship, Live Skull plus more well known dark 80s stuff such as Bauhaus and Death in June. However, their sound is probably closest to the late 90s Deathrock scene which centred around bands such as the Vanishing, Subtonix and Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes, all of which are big influences on the band.

2009 was a fantastic year for KASMs so far: a first album produced by Rory (producer of numerous London bands like S.C.U.M., An Experiment On A Bird In the Air Pump, White Rose Movement, Male Bonding, Koko Von Napoo, Favours For Sailors, Televised Crimewave), rave reviews in the UK press (NME, Artrocker, ID, Time Out, The Guardian…), a European tour with The Gossip this spring at Beth Ditto request and slots at some of the bests Summer festivals like Reading, Leeds, The Offset or 1-2-3-4 Shoreditch.