Minuit Machine

Minuit Machine


Hélène de Thoury

Amandine Stioui

Minuit Machine, a synth wave band based in Paris, is the partnership of Hélène de Thoury’s electronic melodies and Amandine Stioui’s vocals.

The project was born in Hélène’s mind in June 2013 during a tour with Phosphor, her former band. In September, she met Amandine and fell in love with her voice. Together, they released their first EP called Blue Moon in October 2013. The sound of the french duo, based on powerful electronic drums and the accumulation of dark synth lines, is a mix between all their inspirations that range from minimal wave to electronic rock.

Their debut album ‘Live & Destroy’ will be released by established french label Desire in summer 2014 and will be followed by an European tour in autumn. It talks about life, love, self-destruction and fear, all the struggles we encounter one day or another, all the doubts and darkness that can sometimes bring us down. And the idea that our worst enemy could be our own mind.