Sergiy Fjordsson

Moloch has recorded and published many experimental noise releases in the period from 2006 to 2009. Many of them had very limited edition and were originally positioned as private records of various experiments with sound. In fact, almost all of them were written for a private archive, but later published in various demos, EP’s and splits because Sergiy believes that music is dead until it will be heard by someone else besides the author. Only in 2009 he released noise experiments in a separate project called Saturn Form Essence.

Most of the Moloch tracks were recorded in the forest home studio of Sergiy Fjordsson and many of the vocal and keyboard parts recorded live in the forest, dungeons and abandoned places. Sergiy also used an analogue two-inch tape recorder for most of the recordings. Many of the Moloch albums are completely analog and most of them based on the live field recordings.

Although the band is from the Ukraine and all lyrics are in native Ukrainian language, the song titles are in German. For the album “Verwüstung” all of the lyrics written in old English and Latin languages.

The first logo of Moloch was inspired by Darkthrone and created in 2002. In 2007 Sergiy changed the logo. New one was influenced by and has elements of ancient slavonic “Буквица”. Also exist various versions of logo: with background ornament or with elements from engraving “Totentanz”. Some albums Moloch instead standart logo, has the word “Moloch” written in different fonts for each edition. Thee various symbols of Moloch also exist (first symbol was created in 2010, 2 other ones in 2012).

The first live show by Moloch was during the autumn 2009 in the Carpathian woods as a closed dark ambient ritual for a select number of people together with Silver Sphere Moon, Saturn Form Essence, Gjollheimr, and Anu. The second live event was during the winter of 2010, also in the Carpathian woods with -15/-20 degree temperatures. A live demo was recorded at the last show which was spread to a select few members. In 2012, remastered version of this ritual released as full-length album “Abstrakter Wald”.

Moloch has only one official video clip, for the track “Philosophie der Depression” recorded and filmed in 2009. This explanation of the video was taken from an interview with Sergiy: “This video should NOT be perceived in a view of banal suicide. The idea implicit here is a deeper journey into yourself and resonates with the world around us. All elements here have many metaphors. And to understand them, you should ignore primitive thinking”. A few more videos were made in 2007 but not concidered as “official”.

In 2002 a rehearsal demo tape was recorded, but it was never officially released due the very bad quality.

There exists a single copy of a nameless 7’EP vinyl with 2 dark ambient tracks.