Shazzula Vultura

Shazzula is a filmmaker and a experimental psychedelic musician from Brussels, Belgium. Infamous in her work with Parisian Acid Punk group AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR, on lead vocals, synthesisers and theremin, she is also a reputable artist, world renown DJ of obscure heavy psych records, and a devilish style icon.

She mainly plays in a duo called SAYONA together with Ernesto Gonzales from Sylvester Anfang II / Bear Bones, Lay Low. She had completed several musical collaborations with heavy psych acts OVER-GAIN OPTIMAL DEATH in the US, intergalactic space-rockers WHITE HILLS & FARFLUNG in the US and Europe.

Collaborating often with the German band KADAVAR, she is also a recurring collaborator with electronic witch house project MATER SUSPIRIA VISION. Shazzula is also the brains behind SWAMP BOOKING, a psychedelic rock promotion group and blog and a co-owner of the BLACK MASS RISING Label with Philippe Marie.