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Too Young To Love





Too Young To Love were signed to EMI Publishing following the success of both of their single releases selling out in independent record stores in the UK and abroad in a month.

The band has played Isle of Wight, Exit, Offset, Kendal Calling, ITC, Stuck and Ypsigrock, were licensed for a 90210 CBS episode and an episode of Ringer. They have also supported Hurts in Italy.

Fire is a single the band release on desire in 2011. The title track is a great example of the Too Young To Love sound: atmospheric and naive but with a romantic touch. It is backed by a very nice remix by Memoryhouse (Can / Sub Pop).

The Italian based band coin themselves Psychedelic Dream Pop and site influences from Bjork, Fever Ray and Health. 
During the past several years they shared the stage with Hurts, The Big Pink, Eliza Doolittle, Late of the Pier, These New Puritans, Alex Kapranos, Caribou, We Have Band, Kap Bambino, Yacht, Cold Cave, Teenagers, Baby Monster, to name a few.

“Too Young To Love exist somewhere between the charts and the temple-they are Buddhist monk with synthesisers and headbands..”
Dazed and Confused 

“Listening to Too Young To Love is like walking on the moon or having a trip among parallel dimensions and onirical visions”

“Thoughtful Italian electronica with a nod to MGMT and a whisper to Morricone’s darker compositions. Plenty to gnaw on here..”
NME – Gill Mills

“..Allow tracks such as ‘Mytria’ and ‘Down to Infinity’ to seep into your sub consciousness and you’ll be smitten with the Spector-esque production values and starry eyed synths. From the depths of Italy to the depths of you, one small step for man, one giant step for a band about to transform your listening habits”
Converse Music

“What, an Italian band who sound like Gang Gang Dance doing a stadium gig inspired by The Pet Shop Boys, with a fetish for Philosophy? If The Horrors opened your mind with ‘Primary Colours, then Too Young To Love will get you questioning it all.”
The Pix

“threatening Late of the Pier’s role as prime synth-indie princes”

“Too young to love are the European answer to an otherwise heavily UK/US influenced scene..”
Super Super Magazine