You Animals

You Animals


Ryan Needham
Martin Samuels
Stuart Samuels
Matt Spalding
Mark Stone
Liza Violet

You Animals formed on New Year’s Day following the violent breakup of a previous band. They mash guitars in to keyboards to make scrappy pop anthems.

They rehearse in a tiny building called The Bakery in the middle of one of the less desirable areas of town (‘town’ being Derby in this case). They have to move their stuff in and out in the middle of the night in order to avoid drawing attention from the crazy man across the road who thinks they’re stealing his electricity, and chases them across the car park with pieces of broken glass.

Ryan, Liza, Mark, Matt, Martin and Stuart. Ryan constantly gets mistaken for Tim Wheeler from Ash and has signed autographs as him when the occasional Ash fan just won’t believe he’s not him. Apparently not having an Irish accent isn’t proof.

The rest of the band are convinced that Liza is related to royalty, yet she will neither confirm nor deny this.

Mark runs a number of online ‘businesses’ (don’t ask) to supplement the income he makes from driving other bands (Johnny Foreigner, The Joy Formidable, Dog Is Dead).

Whilst entering a low-roofed car park and in an act of unprecedented panic, Matt ripped the roof clean off the band’s first van on the same day they bought it.

Martin and Stuart are twins born on September 11th. They write the basis of most of the band’s songs. Brotherly love sometimes runs low which leads to the occasional on-stage fight.