Blush Response signs to Desire

05 September 2014

desire is proud to announce the release of ‘Desire Machines’, the new album by NYC based artist and producer Joey Blush aka Blush Response. The album will be released on digital (Sept 23) and on limited edition vinyl. The pre-orders have already started here.
The Drift is the first extract to be released from Desire Machines.

Creative Producer // Samuel Baumel //
Director // Will Thompson //
Production Designer // Nick Tong
Edit + Glitch //  Joe Felong

Vulnerable Model // Melody Joy
Photographer Model // Angelana Jones

Wardrobe // Lina Teixeira

Director of Photography // Marc Katz
Lighting Designer // Zach Stoltzfus
Hair and Makeup // Fiona Mifsud


I keep on drifting in and out
My body clean
My soul devout

I keep on drifting in and out
My mind is free
My lust abound

Will you love me
In this waking dream
And my soul is drifting away