dsr017 : Rayographs




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1 – In Her Light        
2 – Space Of The Halls        
3 – Providence Rhode Island        
4 – My Critical Mind        
5 – 3 Times        
6 – Falconberg Court        
7 – November        
8 – Cartwheels        
9 – Marazion        
10 – You Are Made Of Glass

There is something unusual and very special about Rayographs, as if they are searching for something precious in their music to be unearthed in the process of creating it; as one reviewer puts it “occasionally, all this listening and reviewing will uncover a gem and here’s one undisputed diamond.”.

Rayograph’s self-titled debut album was recorded by legendary underground producer John Hannon at a studio in a farm in Essex.

The record is dense in its variety, shifting from urgent riffs in ‘Marazion’ to the nightmarish, hollowed out 60s pop of ‘Space of the Halls’, to the somnambulistic looped narrative of ‘Falconberg Court’. ‘Providence, Rhode Island’ is a song for Francesca Woodman and ‘Cartwheels’ about Nan Donohoe, an Irish traveller. In between the songs display the poetry of individual experience.

This lyric from ‘My Critical Mind’, could be said to sum up the album, “…there is no order of things, just a sequence of illuminated events embedded in memory” — as if the stories depicted are both conscious and unconscious revelations undulating both within and below the songs, timeless in their universality but at the same time deeply personal in their biographical fortitude.

‘Rayographs’ is an album emblazoned by heroines.


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