dsr025 : In Camera - IV Songs + II

In Camera

IV Songs + II


UPC : 3700604701521


A1 – The Conversation
A2 – The Attic
A3 – Fragments Of Fear
B1 – Legion
B2 – Die Laughing
B3 – Final Achievement

Comprised of singer/keyboardist David Steiner, guitarist Andrew Gray, bassist Pete Moore and drummer Jeff Wilmott, London post-punkers In Camera came to Ivo’s attention when they opened a show for Bauhaus. Displaying a spiky, PiL and Joy Division-influenced sound on their 1980 debut single ‘Die Laughing’ (the first 4AD release engineered by John Fryer) the group had matured considerably by the time of their IV Songs EP at the end of the year.

By 1982 the quartet had fallen apart. The Fin EP was their 4AD epitaph: a Peel session from December 1980 which Ivo licensed from the BBC.

Desire is extremely proud to release this record comprising the very first 7″ (‘Final Achievement’/’Die Laughing’) coupled with the first 12″ (‘IV Songs’). Fully licensed from 4AD it’s the first time in 30 years these recordings are available on vinyl.