dsr028 : Newclear Waves

Newclear Waves

Newclear Waves


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1 – The Rain of Iron and Fire
2 – The Black Hand
3 – Blood Moon
4 – The End of Cold War
5 – The Path of Spiders’ Nest
6 – God of War
7 – Dust
8 – Fading (Extended Noise Version)
9 – Tishina
10 – Where The Sea Stands Still

Very limited repress of 150 copies only, sleeve wrapped in hand-screened art, 4 different colors of vinyl (black with white speckles, white with black speckles, white, black). Artwork by Mushy.

Hailing from Rome, exploring droned out electro pop territories with an interest for a refreshing hyperactive 80s New Wave, Newclear Waves’ soundscapes seem to surround a fruitful visual-graphical imaginary which deals with mass consumption, apocalyptic visions, weird machineries, post-modernism and the order of chaos. A promising new coming in the universe of home made electronic avant-gardism.

NW releases received many features in important magazines, such as The Wire, Still Single and 20 Jazz Funk Greats, and he was playing besides artists such as Xeno & Oaklander, Daybed, The Hacker, Gesaffelstein, Fred Ventura, Veronica Vasicka (Minimal Wave), Pieter Schoolwerth (Wierd Records), Post Romantic Empire festival (w/ Current 93, Mouse On Mars, Legowelt and many more).

Special Edition Artwork
Newclear Waves silkscreen by Mushy
Newclear Waves special edition cover