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1 – Base Camp
2 – Khumbu Icefall
3 – Western Cwn
4 – Lhotse Face
5 – South Cole
6 – Hillary Step
7 – Summit

Listening to Sommet’s first and eponymous album is like to breathe the cold and pure air of the mountains: fresh, pure and intoxicating. Sommet contains 7 instrumental tracks that are like a race to climb on the top of the Everest Mount. You start with a calm before storm track (‘Base Camp’) where all the elements are already there: dry vintage synth sounds, minimal and repetitive beats, chilly ambience and in confidence in the future trip. From there till the end of the album (with Summit, sommet in English) the tracks are using the same key elements but are evolving in different moods and tensions. You could listen here a Dario Argento movie soundtracks atmosphere, there it would be a Neu rhythm, a Cluster-like loop or a Tangerine Dream ambience. With influences ranging from 70s and early 80s movie soundtracks (Morricone, John Carpenter…) to the motorik beats of Krautrock (Kraftwerk, LA Düsseldorf, Can…), Sommet shares the same approach as artists like Oneothrix Point Never, Le Révélateur, Gavin Russom…

Sommet has been recorded and mixed by Jérôme ‘Joie Noire’ Caron and mastered by A.P at GS Mastering & Post in Sweden.


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