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Primitive Calculators

Primitive Calculators



UPC : 3700604704065


A1 – I Can Tell
A2 – Do The Icepick
A3 – Signals
A4 – Stains
A5 – Mud In My Eye
A6 – Beat Goes On


B1 – Lullaby
B2 – Do That Dance
B3 – I Can’t Stop It
B4 – Bake In The Sun
B5 – Shout

The holy grail of the 70’s Punk/Synth-Punk Australian scene is now reissued in its original form for the first time on vinyl!

desire is proud to release the very first Primitive Calculators debut album.

Originally out in 1982 in a very limited edition vinyl including a postcard, the eponymous album was recorded live in 1979 at Hearts, North Carlton, supporting the Boys Next Door. Often described as the Australian Screamers, Primitive Calculators was one of the few Aussie bands to mix minimal synth bass, scratchy guitars, repetitive drum machine beats that reminds their Californian cousins but also Cabaret Voltaire.

This impossibly hard to find item is now available on vinyl for the first time till 1982 and this first pressing includes an exact replica of the sleeve, black vinyl with black labels and postcard.