dsr064 : C.O.M.A. | Clinik Organik Musak Anatomik


Clinik Organik Musak Anatomik



1. Introx
2. Parking Nord
3. Le Roi Des Voleurs
4. Tête De Gomme
5. Femme-Robot
6. Coma
7. Assaut
8. Verre
9. Hypnose
10. La Valse A Mutant
11. Conséquences
12. Demain
13. Automate*
14. Technicolor*
15. Givardos*
16. La Verrière Park*

Originally released in 1979, the mythic synth-punk lost classic C.O.M.A. album is available on CD for the first time ever. Includes 4 unreleased tracks*!

Before becoming French pop star with Charles de Goal, Patrick Blain was part of C.O.M.A., a synth-punk band that recorded one and only album, chock with ideas, then dismantled shortly after. Originally released on Flamingo in 1979, ‘Clinik Organik Musak Anatomik’ is now a much sought after collector. Some will find similarities with Metal Urbain in their sound, especially tracks like “Assaut,” but C.O.M.A. is certainly weirder and mix clangy punk guitar, proto-industrial synth, harmonica, and slapdash electronic drums. Each song is its own experiment.

Inspired by bands like Devo, Wire, XTC, Kraftwerk, The Residents and Magazine, C.O.M.A. is The Screamers this side of the Atlantic Ocean !

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