dsr069 : Xander Harris - Snow Crash

Xander Harris

Snow Crash




A1 – Cosanostra Pizza Delivery
A2 – System Daemon
A3 – Bios


B1 – Raven
B2 – Rife With Yours Truly
B3 – Eridu
B4 – Dreams Of Juanita / The End

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Neil Stephenson’s cyberpunk classic ‘Snow Crash’, we present to you a new Xander Harris‘ album inspired by the book. ‘Snow Crash’ was a prescient novel of the early 90s that predicted a lot of stuff to come (a high functioning internet, avatar representation, global connectivity) and also imagined a bunch of stuff that hopefully never comes to fruition (anarchism, widespread violent gangs, and language viruses). If you thought the ideas in movies like The Matrix and Avatar were “big”, you might want to check Snow Crash for even bigger ones.

Think of this album as a soundtrack to be played while you read Stephenson’s story of swordplay, virtual reality, hacking, and cybernetic nuclear powered attack dogs. Snow Crash the album makes musical allusions to the work of artists like Vangelis, Cevin Key, and the early 90s Third Mind Records. Harris’ album is mood music, that moves between being contemplative and chilled out and driving. Tracks like “CosaNostra Pizza Delivery” will have you feel like you’re running through the back alleys of a futuristic metropolis, while ‘Eridu’ evokes the feeling of injecting your consciousness into the the Metaverse—a feeling I’m sure we all can relate to.

Even if the most hacking you’ve ever done is trying to break into your girl’s/dude’s Twitter account, Harris’ ‘Snow Crash’ creates a mindspace, a mental state, that’s very powerful and helpful for meditating on the idea that we will all exist eternally in the internet. We will all achieve immortality through Youtube comments and flame wars. The future is now.