dsr075 : Les Maîtres - Demos

Les Maîtres




A1 – Une douleur passagère
A2 – Souvenirs
A3 – L’infidèle
A4 – Intro – Le Curé


B1 – Souvenirs
B2 – Voyage
B3 – Le diable
B4 – Souvenirs -version-

Les Maîtres, despite that they never released a record while they were around, is one of the most influential French cold-wave band from the early 80s golden era. They could be described as the perfect mix of Virgin Prunes, Sex Gang Children and Christian Death.

The start of the band came with two members, Laurent Nicolle (voice) and (Maurice Maréchal (Bass) helped in the compositions by Etienne Charry (Oui-Oui) playing guitar and Michel Gondry, whom needs no introduction, playing drums. 

Laurent, Etienne and Michel were then students at the applied arts school “Olivier de Serres”. Two members came to complete the band, Laurent Gabriel and Paulus, the first one as drummer and the second one as bass player, making this band particular with two basses, drums and voice. The meeting occured naturally, in Olivier de Serres parties and also in the Gondry house, where friends were gathering in several bands. 

The Gondry house was overall the place of birth of almost all musical projects of the team. 

The era was rich with wild concerts (squats, YMCA, etc…), making meetings easy between young musicians. 

Les Maîtres recorded all their tracks in several sessions between 1981 and 1984.