dsr082 : Primitive Calculators - I Can't Stop It

Primitive Calculators

I Can't Stop It

dsr082 7″ Vinyl


A – I Can’ Stop It
B – Do That Dance

Cult Melbourne band Primitive Calculators cut a single in 1979 before spliting in the true punk fashion. A posthumous eponymous live album was released in 1981 (also reissued this Spring on desire) and that was it.

Those two tracks are as fresh now as they were more than 30 years ago: in a style not dissimilar to the Screamers or Cabaret Voltaire (circa ‘Nag Nag Nag’), Primitive Calculators used raw monophonic synth lines with scratchy guitars and screaming vocals but the songs were standing on their own as the unplugged version of ‘Do That Dance’ that appears on the ‘Primitive Calculators And Friends 1979-82′ could testify.