dsr03 : Tee Vee Pop "The Only Years"

Tee Vee Pop

The Only Years


dsr083LP Limited Edition Version


A1 – Touching

A2 – Smile

A3 – Rhythm Go To Work

A4 – Tell Me

B1 – Double Acting

B2 – Eternity Seconds

B3 – Garbage Man

B4 – Nut

B5 – Factory

dsr083LPX (live)

C1 – Bonaparte 2

C2 – Boredom

C3 – Nothing

C4 – En Mærkelig Mand

C5 – Hej Fisk 1

C6 – Final

In 1980 Esle, Jette and myself started playing together and soon after Sods/Sort Sol was kind enough to lend us their equipment and rehearsal room. Knud Odde (the bass player in Sods) sang with us a couple of times and he put his words to the music, and the song Tell Me was born.

In the autumn of 1980 Xenia joined the band as singer and we had to find a name for the band. We came up with Tee Vee Pop cut down to The Vanishing Point, but since it was a bit long we cut it down to TEE VEE POP.  January 3rd we played our first gig in Rockmaskinen, Christiania. Our set consisted of 3 songs that we played twice.

In the spring of ’82 we recorded the songs on this album thanks to Irmgardz, an independent record company, out of which 4 was put on an EP and the rest was published on tapes. Irmgardz also arranged for us to support The Fall when they visited Copenhagen in ’83, Nico in Montmartre in ’82 with Martin Hall playing drums, and a small tour of Denmark with Nico and The Blue Orchids.

Towards the end we changed the band’s name to The Vanishing Point and played a few gigs under that name.

During all this time Peter Peter was our steady sound engineer. The few times he couldn’t be there to push the buttons at a concert we felt quite lost.


Xenia (Xenia Foss) – vox
Tulle (Anne-Maria Sigbrand) – guitar
Esle (Elsebeth Seeger) – bass
Jette (Henriette Sommer) – drums

Thanks to: Peter Peter Schneidermann, Kenan Seeberg, Jan Wintersø, Irmgardz, Søren Kirkegaard, Knud Odde, Steen Jørgensen, Tomas Ortved, T.S. Høeg, Sickie (Tina Sikhii Jensen), Jesper Reisinger, Martin Hall, Tømrerclaus, Abraham Toledano and all the other friends from back then.


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