dsr094 : Mort à Vegas "AV"


Mort à Vegas

dsr094 12’’ vinyl


A1 – Mort à Vegas

A2 – Hotel Congress (Dominique A cover)

B – Mort à Vegas – Death In Vegas remix

‘Mort à Vegas’ (‘Death in Vegas’ in French…) is the new 12″ E.P. by Adrien Viot aka AV, one of the finest protagonists on the new ‘frenchy but chic’ electronic pop scene. 
AV sings about nightlife, paid sex, alcohol over-consumption, desire under the neon lights, the dark side of the American dream and driving a black Cadillac drunk to death…

This 12″ EP contains a dreamlike remix of ‘Mort à Vegas’ by Death In Vegas (as the track was probably written with him in mind!) but also a cover of French singer Dominique A, known in France for being the one who launched the ‘new French scene’ that drove the renewal of the French Pop.

AV has an elegant crooner voice that slowly caresses you before driving you on the dancefloor. So let his deep voice, those melodic synths and guitars seduce you.

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