dsr098 : Oto - Anyway 12" Single

dsr096 : 12″ Single


A1. Anyway

B1. Bats

B2. Bad Boy

Nancy is a Small provincial town in the East of France but its musical scene has always been fertile.

In the early 70s Gérard N’Guyen started the influential French fanzine Atem to write about improv, electronic, komische, kraut and prog rock bands that you couldn’t find in the local record stores. He started to produce bands for the Atem label like Univers-Zéro, Art Zoyd and Présent. He discovered, produced and managed French synth gods Kas Product.

But tired to deal with major companies A&R guys he set up his own independent label called Les Disques du Soleil et de l’Acier (Coil, Sprung Aus Den Wolken, Pascal Comelade).
The second release of the label was the “Anyway” single by Oto that find its way to the dancefloors all over the world. From New York to Antwerp and Berlin, “Anyway” was a floor filler that was played by rock, EBM or hip-hop DJs.

2014 marks its thirtieth anniversary and desire is proud to reissue it, in collaboration with Mitzvah Records. It will be followed by the reissue of the sole Oto album “Purge An Urge” and a compilation of rare Oto demo and unreleased tracks.


An Oto Production

Recorded in Paris, June 1984 by Bernard Deffond.
Mixed with the PCM Sony by Bernard Deffond, Gérard N’Guyen & Oto.
Cover art by Thierry Merigout.

First released on Les Disques du Soleil et de l’Acier in 1984.
First pressing on black vinyl – limited edition of 500 copies.
Released on collaboration with Mitzvah Records.

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