dsr139 : Statiqbloom ZexModel

Statiqbloom / Zex Model

split LP



Statiqbloom side A1 – Atrophy Of Three A2 – Contaminate A3 – low Void A4 – Behind Glass – (Second Pane) Zex Model side B1 – Forbidden Alterations B2 – Rokk B3 – Teosophia B4 – Tokyo Blitz

Brooklyn’s Statiqbloom is the dark hallucinogenic brainchild of Fade Kainer. Drawing from the grittiness of early industrial and EBM, Statiqbloom combines hard dance beats and haunting electronics with disorienting vocals to create a pulsing raw vision of music for today.

Kainer has also provided vocals and electronic soundscapes for industrial doom metal band Batillus, and, previously, industrial metal duo Inswarm. In addition, Kainer is a member of blackened synth band Theologian, has played synths and percussion on tour for Jarboe, and has done remixes for a variety of bands and artists, including Chris Connelly, Nachtmystium and Secrets of the Moon.

In 2013 Statiqbloom self-released the “Mask Vision Poison” EP. A new record (featuring Soren Roi of Rosenkopf) will be released as a split with Zex Model on Desire Records in Fall 2014.

Zex Model tracks were recorded in late 2013 – early 2014, introducing the ERA II of the project sound (ERA I was the LP and ERA 0 was the EP, both on Desire) – moving from Skinny Puppy worship to electro-industrial experiments with some pop touch.

Benestrophe and early Mentallo And The Fixer could probably sound like that if they started out in mid 2010’s and were recording in the middle of nowhere in Russia. Additional influences comes from variety of sources from 80’s: japanese murdercore (GISM, Zouo, AT-Det, Mobs, Execute), On-U Sound label grim dubplate releases and (proto) black metal scene like Sarcofago and Vulcano. Die young.


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